Win for You: Healthy Ways to Celebrate Success

  • Why celebrate success?
    • Taking time to recognize achievements allows you a chance in the future to pinpoint what has worked for you before.
    • Taking pride in your accomplishments can help boost your self-confidence and motivate you to achieve more.
  • Celebrating vs. Rewarding
    • Celebrating is about appreciating the process and comes from intrinsic motivation which comes from within rather than from an outcome or reward.
      • When intrinsically motivated, you will engage in the task for the joy of doing so, even if there is not a reward at the end.
    • Rewarding success suggests that you reached the end of a process and is driven by extrinsic motivation.
      • Extrinsic motivation is when we want to complete a task for an external reward. The task becomes more about the final outcome than the process.
  • Include Others
    • Celebrate your success with your supporters and peers to let them know how much they mean to you. It will make them feel genuinely appreciated.
  • Take Time for Yourself
    • Nurture your mind body, and spirit:
      • Go to a dinner party with loved ones
      • Walk or jog in the park
      • Watch the sunrise or sunset
      • Game night with friends
      • Start a new journal
      • Go on an adventure
  • Reflect
    • Take time to understand the journey it took to reach your goal.
      • What did I enjoy most about this journey?
      • What did I do well?
      • What strengths did I use?
      • What skills did I gain?
      • What do I feel most confident about?
      • How did I overcome obstacles along the way?
      • What would I change next time?

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