Win for You: Embracing Failure to Succeed

  1. It sets you on a new path
    1. It is a sign you shouldn’t have been going in a particular direction.
  2. It reaffirms your previous direction
    1. When you fall and get back up, it is a reminder that you still want your goal.
  3. Use fear of failure to focus but don’t let it become your focus
    1. Fear can hold you back or it can be a great asset to help you move forward.
  4. Tell yourself that you are worthy of the goal by fighting on
    1. Despite disappointment, still believe in yourself.
  5. The challenges are what cause you to grow
    1. Failure molds you into the person that will be ready to reach their destiny.
  6. Consider your failures beginnings rather than endings
    1. It opens new doors and presents new ideas.
  7. It leads to a compelling story
    1. Life without failure is filled with comfort and mediocrity.
  8. How you respond to failure inspires others
    1. Your examples can motivate others to overcome their obstacles.
  9. Let the team fail to increase its success
    1. Teams that fear failure and its consequences deliver mediocre results over time.
  10. Build relationships with advisors who see your blind spots
    1. Accept feedback with humility and c commitment to find a pocket of success in every failure.

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