Win for You: Defuse the Fire

Win for You:

  • Define Acceptable Behavior
    • Set the tone and guidelines.
  • Don’t Avoid Conflict
    • Not addressing conflict leads to bigger problems down the road.
  • Choose a Neutral Location
    • Meet outside the office in a more comfortable atmosphere, e.g. coffee shop.
  • Start with a Compliment
    • Get the individual(s) comfortable enough to talk, start with a compliment.
  • Don’t Jump to Conclusions
    • The reasons for conflict are more complex than they appear
  • Think Opportunistically, Not Punitively
    • Sometimes consequences are necessary but many times conflict is sparked by passionate people with differing viewpoints.
  • Offer Guidance, Not Solutions
    • Help the team work together to resolve conflict so that you do not appear to be taking sides.
  • Constructive Criticism
    • It allows you to address the problem while also providing support for the good work that has been done.
  • Don’t Intimidate
    • Teams never learn anything when fear is used as a tool for correction.
  • Act Decisively
    • Once a resolution is in place, be sure to follow through immediately while it is still fresh in everyone’s minds.

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